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The Star-Touched Queen-Part 1

In their final series of the season, M+K visit the magical world of Akaran, where they discover a room full of stars, a tree bearing memories, and a prince hiding many secrets. Plus, A Collection of Morally-Ambiguous Characters; A Tapestry that Controls Fate; K Learns She Was a Pirate Prince in a Past Life; and A Short History of the Most Famous Swayamvara.

Spin the Dawn-Part 2 (The Blood of Stars Duology)

M+K join Maia on mission to gather materials for three magical dresses made from the sun, moon, and stars. Plus, The Enigma of Edan Finally Starts to Unravel; Fireproof Gloves, Waterproof Shoes, and a Slightly-Faulty Magic Carpet; K Uncovers the Mythology Behind Making Wishes; and The Most Expensive Dresses Ever Made.