A Reaper at the Gates (An Ember in the Ashes Series)

M+K go on a wild goose chase with Laia, watch Elias suck at soul catching, help out at a birth with Helene, and try and answer the burning question: Who is the reaper at the gates? Plus, A New Nightbringer POV; The Shocking Truth About Cook’s Backstory; K Teaches M Everything About Midwifery; and The Great World Library Road Trip Adventure.

The Star-Touched Queen-Part 1

In their final series of the season, M+K visit the magical world of Akaran, where they discover a room full of stars, a tree bearing memories, and a prince hiding many secrets. Plus, A Collection of Morally-Ambiguous Characters; A Tapestry that Controls Fate; K Learns She Was a Pirate Prince in a Past Life; and A Short History of the Most Famous Swayamvara.