Dread Nation-Part 1 (The Dread Nation Duology)

In their newest series, M+K travel back in time for an alternative-history post-Civil War retelling, where the dead suddenly begin to rise from the battlefield. Plus, A Fantastically Fierce Zombie-Killing MC; Zombie Pandemic vs. Covid Pandemic; Shocking Stories Of Real Zombies in Nature; and M+Both Research the Same Terrifying Syndrome.


The Winter of the Witch-Part 2 (Winternight Trilogy)

M+K reflect on the importance of faith as peace is established between the Chyerti world and the Christian world. Plus, Konstantin Finally Gets the Death he Deserves; M Sums Up an Epic Poem in 10 Minutes; Magic Hats, Extra-Strong Birds, and Disembodied Talking Heads; And Various Ways to Kill Incredibly Bloodthirsty Vampires.

The Winter of the Witch-Part 1 (Winternight Trilogy)

As they venture into the last book in the Winternight Trilogy, M+K mourn one of their favorite characters and wonder how much more heartache their poor MC can take. Plus, We Finally Meet Baba Yaga; All the Ways We Want Konstantin to Die; A Surprisingly Feminist Fairy Tale; and The Best Places to Celebrate the Winter Solstice.

The Girl in the Tower-Part 1 (Winternight Trilogy)

M+K make their way to Moscow where they reunite with some of their favorite (and not so favorite) characters. Plus, The Freedom and Fallbacks of Disguising as a Boy; The Mystery of Morozko…The Snow Maiden?; The Malicious M.O. of Lady Midnight and Lady Midday; and All the Delicious Details of Pancake Week.

The Kingdom of Back-Part 2

In the final movement of Marie Lu’s latest masterpiece, M uncovers some opera Easter eggs, K questions the characters’ poor immune systems, and both girls agree that one book wasn’t nearly enough. Plus, Our First Guest Appearance on Another Podcast; Crowdsourcing Our Friends’ Imaginary Friends; The Princess, The Superhero, and Crazy Pa; and Three Female Musicians Who Were Just as Talented as Mozart.