Godsgrave-Part 1 (The Nevernight Chronicles)

Assassin school is out of session, and M+K follow the newly-appointed Blade Mia out of the Red Church and straight into a gladiator arena. Plus, All the Characters We Like Are Dead; Please Stop Pissing in Our Porridge; Real-Life Retchwyrms That Will Make You Squirm; and M Dispels Some Major Gladiator Myths.

Nevernight-Part 1 (The Nevernight Chronicles)

M+K dig into a considerably darker series, filled with murder; sex, revenge, and other more mature young adult themes. Plus, Conflicted Feelings About Footnotes; Blood Walking, Skin Weaving, Shadow Catting and Other Super Powers; What a True Nevernight Would Do To Your Sleep Schedule; and Prisoner Poison Trials of the 16th Century.

Two Dark Reigns-Part 2 (Three Dark Crowns Series)

A queen turns into mist, a friend turns into a murderer, and M and K are left wondering- have all the rules just gone out the window? Plus, How Not to Fall Into the Trap of a Self-Fulfilling Prophesy; Katherine Conducts a Questionable Exorcism; M Corrects Misconceptions of Roman Cesarean Sections; and Six Times the Weather Totally Changed the Course of History.

Two Dark Reigns-Part 1 (Three Dark Crowns Series)

In this first half of the third book in the Three Dark Crowns quadrology, M+K go back 400 years to get a glimpse of the legendary Blue Queen. Plus, The Mystery of the Misbehaving Mist; Jules the Reluctant Rebellion Leader; K Exposes a Long List of Royal Pretenders; and Epitaphs You’d Never Expect to See on a Tombstone.