The Kingdom of Back-Part 2

In the final movement of Marie Lu’s latest masterpiece, M uncovers some opera Easter eggs, K questions the characters’ poor immune systems, and both girls agree that one book wasn’t nearly enough. Plus, Our First Guest Appearance on Another Podcast; Crowdsourcing Our Friends’ Imaginary Friends; The Princess, The Superhero, and Crazy Pa; and Three Female Musicians Who Were Just as Talented as Mozart.

Ash Princess-Part 2 (Ash Princess Trilogy)

In a sudden, shocking shift, M and K watch as two of their favorite characters go from best friends to mortal enemies in less than 200 pages. Plus, How to Obtain Books (and Beer) in the Age of Quarantine; Don’t Use Children to Do Your Dirty Work; M Shares Some Scandalous Love Letters; and K Tries to Build the Fastest Ship in the World.

Ash Princess-Part 1 (Ash Princess Trilogy)

M and K are back in business with a brand new series featuring a captured princess seeking to reclaim her throne. Plus, Our Favorite Major Character Who Almost Wasn’t a Major Character; Team Blaise Versus Team Soren; Drawing Inspiration From the Baddest Betch in Byzantium; and The Six Second Synopsis Game.

The Queen of Nothing-Part 2 (The Folk of the Air Trilogy)

M and K have differing opinions on the end of the series, but agree that they will miss hanging out with their favorite faerie friends. Plus, Squeamish Sex Scenes with Non-Human Body Parts; A Totally Unexpected Snake Transformation; How to Capture a Unicorn According to Medieval Bestiaries; and A Much More Dangerous Scottish Version of Ground Hog Day.