Muse of Nightmares-Part 1 (Strange the Dreamer Series)

M+K list all the crucial questions they still need to have answered and lay out the long term consequences of falling love with a ghost girl. Plus, The KoraNova Prequel We Can’t Quite Figure Out; The Strange Horror of Delving into Minya’s Dreams; What to Pack in Your Survival Bag for the Emergency Evacuation of Weep; and 15 Sexual Encounters with Spirits.

Strange the Dreamer-Part 2 (Strange the Dreamer Series)

In the finale of the first book, gods become ghosts, humans become gods, and M+K become heartbroken hot messes. Plus, Everyone’s Favorite Psychopathic Six Year Old; Bullet Ants, Sunrise Ceremonies, and Other Coming of Age Rituals; You Can’t Get Yellow Fever From a Vomit Sauna; and Scientists Who Used Themselves as Guinea Pigs.

Strange the Dreamer-Part 1 (Strange the Dreamer Series)

In this new, stunningly beautiful series M+K ask the question: what makes a god and what makes a monster? Plus, Our Dream to See Inside Lani Taylor’s Dreams; Innocent, Yet Very Angry Godspawn; K Uncovers Some Lost Sunken Cities; And the Strangest Places People Have Gotten Stuck.

The Raven King-Part 2 (The Raven Cycle)

M+K say farewell to the Raven Boys and their last series of the year. Plus, The Quest is Completed, the Journey is Over, and Blue’s Dad is Still Stuck in a Tree; Unfairly Hating on Henry; The Strangest Things Ever Sold at Auctions; And a Last Ditch Effort to Learn Everything We Can About Owen Glendower.