Legendary-Part 2 (The Caraval Trilogy)

With Legend’s identity finally revealed, M+K grow increasingly concerned about the fate of their two leading ladies. Plus, Uncovering the Empress’s End Game; The Fates-To Free, or Not to Free?; Women Who Fell in Love with Convicted Serial Killers; and Four (Sort of) Heartwarming Stories of Self-Sacrifice.

Legendary-Part 1 (The Caraval Trilogy)

In this very special in-person episode, M+K take a turn through Tella’s point of view and continue to debate the identity of Legend. Plus, A Special Guest Appearance from M’s Banana Cookies; Fatal Kisses From a Less-Than-Princely Prince of Hearts; Killing Knights on the Battlefield with Stiletto Heels; and All the Ways You Can Get Fired From Disney World.

Caraval-Part 2 (The Caraval Trilogy)

The game is over…or is it? In this episode, the lines between reality and fantasy continue to blur, and M+K are left with more questions than answers. Plus, The Discovery of Count Nicholas d’Whatshisface; Scarlet Makes a Not-So-Impossible Choice; Sharing a Room with a Coyote in the Name of Art; and True Love Stories That Turned Tragic.

Evermore-Part 1 (The Everless Duology)

M+K start the second book of the Everless series and speculate on whether the Sorceress can actually be killed successfully with a Snake Knife. Plus, Two Fantastically Weird Snake/Fox Fables; How to Tell If Your Pet is Trying to Eat You; M Fails Spectacularly at K’s Burning Cities Game; and The “Lost in the Mall” Repressed Memories Experiment.


Everless-Part 2 (The Everless Duology)

M+K find themselves totally blindsided by the plot twist and totally confused by the legend of the Alchemist and the Sorceress. Plus, Is It a Typo or Are We Just Not Understanding Properly?; The Most Prolific Cannibal That Ever Lived; Two Deaths We Did Not See Coming; and M Breaks Down the Oddball Effect.