Super Fan Sunday with James and Chad

In this super-special Super Fan Sunday episode, M+K invite their husbands into the recording studio to try and guess the plots of some well-known YA series. Plus, J+C Judge a Book by its Cover; The Butterfly Informant by Laini Taylor; The War of Young People Against Old People; and Some Very Interesting Chimera Creations.

Night of the Dragon-Part 2 (Shadow of the Fox Trilogy)

After a never-ending battle against evil, M+K get a happy ending with a dash of heartache in this thrilling conclusion to the Shadow of the Fox Trilogy. Plus, A Detour Around a Pit of Swarming Demons; Seigetsu Doesn’t Give a Crap About Anyone; A Very Deadly Leaf-Viewing Party; and The Equally-Important but Often Overlooked Warrior Class (Who Weren’t Samurai).

Soul of the Sword-Part 1 (Shadow of the Fox Trilogy)

M+K start the second book in the series, get some advice from a silver fox, and learn the origin story of the sword Kamigoroshi. Plus, An Unexpected Love Story Between an Honorable Prince and a Self-Loathing Ronan Dog; Who’s the Biggest Baddest Demon of them All?; The Cattiest Cat in Japanese Folklore; and The Forest of a Thousand Eyes vs. The Island of Four Thousand Venomous Snakes.

Shadow of the Fox-Part 2 (Shadow of the Fox Trilogy)

M+K collect some new characters on the way to the Steel Feather Temple when they meet a demon prince with a penchant for dueling and a shrine maiden with magical powers. Plus, Wendigos vs. Gaki; A Plethora of Parallels to The Wizard of Oz; The Curse of the Muramasa Blades; and An Unexpected Addition to William Wallace’s Massive Sword.

Shadow of the Fox-Part 1 (Shadow of the Fox Trilogy)

For their newest series, M+K become immersed in a fantasy version of feudal Japan, where they meet a whole host of supernatural creatures. Plus, The Struggle of Being Half Human and Half Kitsune; Sacred Scrolls and Possessed Swords; Demon-Fighting Ninjas vs. Disgraced Samurais; and How to Tell if a Fox Spirit is Trying to Steal Your Soul.

Deathless Divide-Part 1 (The Dread Nation Duology)

In the second book of the series, M+K meet up again with their MC on the road to Nicodemus, where they are rocked by an unexpected ambush and an untimely death. Plus, New Perspectives, New Enemies, and New Shamblers; Marie Laveau, The Voodoo Queen of New Orleans; Horribly Botched Clinical Trials That Rival Gideon’s; and Really Bad Zombie Jokes.