Shadow of the Fox-Part 1 (Shadow of the Fox Trilogy)

For their newest series, M+K become immersed in a fantasy version of feudal Japan, where they meet a whole host of supernatural creatures. Plus, The Struggle of Being Half Human and Half Kitsune; Sacred Scrolls and Possessed Swords; Demon-Fighting Ninjas vs. Disgraced Samurais; and How to Tell if a Fox Spirit is Trying to Steal Your Soul.

Deathless Divide-Part 1 (The Dread Nation Duology)

In the second book of the series, M+K meet up again with their MC on the road to Nicodemus, where they are rocked by an unexpected ambush and an untimely death. Plus, New Perspectives, New Enemies, and New Shamblers; Marie Laveau, The Voodoo Queen of New Orleans; Horribly Botched Clinical Trials That Rival Gideon’s; and Really Bad Zombie Jokes.

Dread Nation-Part 2 (The Dread Nation Duology)

In this second half of Dread Nation, M+K uncover the truth about Summerland, and meet a host of new enemies, both dead and alive. Plus, Eye-Opening Loopholes in the 13th Amendment; You Can’t Fight Zombies with Gardening Equipment; Our Book Recos for How to Be a Better Ally; and The Tragic History of the Carlisle Indian Industrial School.

Dread Nation-Part 1 (The Dread Nation Duology)

In their newest series, M+K travel back in time for an alternative-history post-Civil War retelling, where the dead suddenly begin to rise from the battlefield. Plus, A Fantastically Fierce Zombie-Killing MC; Zombie Pandemic vs. Covid Pandemic; Shocking Stories Of Real Zombies in Nature; and M+Both Research the Same Terrifying Syndrome.


The Winter of the Witch-Part 2 (Winternight Trilogy)

M+K reflect on the importance of faith as peace is established between the Chyerti world and the Christian world. Plus, Konstantin Finally Gets the Death he Deserves; M Sums Up an Epic Poem in 10 Minutes; Magic Hats, Extra-Strong Birds, and Disembodied Talking Heads; And Various Ways to Kill Incredibly Bloodthirsty Vampires.

The Winter of the Witch-Part 1 (Winternight Trilogy)

As they venture into the last book in the Winternight Trilogy, M+K mourn one of their favorite characters and wonder how much more heartache their poor MC can take. Plus, We Finally Meet Baba Yaga; All the Ways We Want Konstantin to Die; A Surprisingly Feminist Fairy Tale; and The Best Places to Celebrate the Winter Solstice.

The Girl in the Tower-Part 1 (Winternight Trilogy)

M+K make their way to Moscow where they reunite with some of their favorite (and not so favorite) characters. Plus, The Freedom and Fallbacks of Disguising as a Boy; The Mystery of Morozko…The Snow Maiden?; The Malicious M.O. of Lady Midnight and Lady Midday; and All the Delicious Details of Pancake Week.