Spin the Dawn-Part 1 (The Blood of Stars Duology)

M+K take a spin to Imperial China for their latest series, which promises to be a mashup of Project Runway and the Legend of Mulan. Plus, Some Major “Make It Work” Moments in the Tailors’ Studio; M Declares War on the Magic Scissors; K Researches the Real Legend of Mulan; and Fabrics Made From Spoiled Milk, Audio Cassettes, and Cannibalistic Spider Silk.

Super Fan Sunday with James and Chad

In this super-special Super Fan Sunday episode, M+K invite their husbands into the recording studio to try and guess the plots of some well-known YA series. Plus, J+C Judge a Book by its Cover; The Butterfly Informant by Laini Taylor; The War of Young People Against Old People; and Some Very Interesting Chimera Creations.

Night of the Dragon-Part 2 (Shadow of the Fox Trilogy)

After a never-ending battle against evil, M+K get a happy ending with a dash of heartache in this thrilling conclusion to the Shadow of the Fox Trilogy. Plus, A Detour Around a Pit of Swarming Demons; Seigetsu Doesn’t Give a Crap About Anyone; A Very Deadly Leaf-Viewing Party; and The Equally-Important but Often Overlooked Warrior Class (Who Weren’t Samurai).

Soul of the Sword-Part 1 (Shadow of the Fox Trilogy)

M+K start the second book in the series, get some advice from a silver fox, and learn the origin story of the sword Kamigoroshi. Plus, An Unexpected Love Story Between an Honorable Prince and a Self-Loathing Ronan Dog; Who’s the Biggest Baddest Demon of them All?; The Cattiest Cat in Japanese Folklore; and The Forest of a Thousand Eyes vs. The Island of Four Thousand Venomous Snakes.

Shadow of the Fox-Part 2 (Shadow of the Fox Trilogy)

M+K collect some new characters on the way to the Steel Feather Temple when they meet a demon prince with a penchant for dueling and a shrine maiden with magical powers. Plus, Wendigos vs. Gaki; A Plethora of Parallels to The Wizard of Oz; The Curse of the Muramasa Blades; and An Unexpected Addition to William Wallace’s Massive Sword.

Shadow of the Fox-Part 1 (Shadow of the Fox Trilogy)

For their newest series, M+K become immersed in a fantasy version of feudal Japan, where they meet a whole host of supernatural creatures. Plus, The Struggle of Being Half Human and Half Kitsune; Sacred Scrolls and Possessed Swords; Demon-Fighting Ninjas vs. Disgraced Samurais; and How to Tell if a Fox Spirit is Trying to Steal Your Soul.