The Queen of Nothing-Part 1 (The Folk of the Air Trilogy)

After a brief stint bounty hunting in the human world, M+K regroup with their favorite exiled faerie queen for a daring return to court. Plus, Why We’ll Never Ever Forgive Taryn; The Court of Teeth and Their Creepy Child Queen; Google Searches for Napoleon’s Preserved Penis; and Why We’ll Never Air BnB in an Ancient Castle.

The Wicked King-Part 1 (The Folk of the Air Trilogy)

M+K shack up with a captive king, who finds himself crowned against his will and bound to a mortal he hates (but also sort of loves). Plus, the Origin Story of Cardan’s “I Rule” Mug; Debating the Identity Of The Great Betrayer; What a Master Of Revels Really Does; and People Who Literally Danced Themselves to Death.

The Cruel Prince-Part 1 (The Folk of the Air Trilogy)

M and K kick off season four by crossing over between the mortal world and the world of Faeries. Plus, The Most Vicious Group of Bullies You’ll Ever Meet; How to Get a Secret Door Installed in Your House; Nonsense Literature That Actually Makes a Lot of Sense; and The Utterly Unconvincing Cottingley Fairy Hoax of 1917.

The Girl the Sea Gave Back-Part 2 (Sky in the Deep Series)

M+K throw the stones for the last time and try to piece together the ending of the series. Plus, Long Term Goals to Get a Ticket to Apollycon; Our Favorite Movie Adaptation Moment; The Viking Story That Inspired The Lord of the Rings; and The Tree That Will Either Heal Yew or Kill Yew.


The Girl the Sea Gave Back-Part 1 (Sky in the Deep Series)

M+K fast forward ten years later to find that Halvard is all grown up and making friends with a new character who was sacrificed by her own clan and rescued by people who want to kill her. Plus, Don’t Blame the Child Truthtongue!; Feuding Brothers With Big Angry Feelings; Casting Our Own Rune Stones to Uncover Our Fates; and Beware Vultures (and Chickens) Flying to the Left.